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Z Card

Caltex Fuel Card

Discover the Benefits of Caltex Fuel Cards Are you looking for a fuel card that offer exceptional savings and convenience at Caltex? To unlock the fuel savings at Caltex truckstops and service stations, you’ll need a Z Fuel Card. Chevron…

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Person Filling Gas Tank

How Fuel Cards Work for Employees

Fuel cards are a convenient and cost-effective way for employees to purchase fuel for business-related travel. Essentially, a fuel card is a payment card that is provided by an employer to their employees for the specific purpose of purchasing fuel…

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Person Filling Gas Tank

Benefits of a Fuel Card

At NZ Fuel Cards, we believe that businesses can benefit greatly from using our BP, Mobil & Z fuel cards to manage their fuel expenses. Our fuel cards are designed to offer a range of features and benefits that help…

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