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Banks have moved to 7-day payment processing!

Banks are now processing payments 7 days a week. This means that your direct debit day will always occur on the actual due date and will no longer be moved to the next business day. To ensure you do not get caught out you just need to make sure there are sufficient funds in your nominated account on the night before your direct debit date.

As we have always done, we will let you know the amount owing and the date that it will be direct debited in the email we send you when we send your invoice. The only thing that will change is that these dates will now sometimes occur on a weekend or public holiday day.

For example: Currently, if your direct debit falls on 10 June, which is a Saturday, in the past the actual date of the direct debit would have moved to Monday, 12 June being the next business day. But now our bank will process payments 7 days a week. So if your direct debit falls on Saturday, 10 June, it will be debited on that Saturday.

Direct Debit Terms

Here you can find our Direct Debit Terms for your records. If you have any questions about our Direct Debit Terms or anything else feel free to contact us.


As the acceptor

I authorise NZ Fuel Cards Limited (the ‘Initiator’) to debit my account with the authorisation code specified on the authority and in accordance with this authority until further notice from me.

I agree that this authority is subject to:

  • my bank’s terms and conditions that relate to my account, and
  • the terms and conditions listed below.

Specific conditions relating to notices and disputes

  1. I agree that the Initiator must give me at least 2 days’ prior notice of each direct debit, including the first direct debit in a series.
  2. Changes to the amounts or dates of a series of direct debits require 30 days’ prior notice to me.
  3. I can also agree with the Initiator to receive a same day notice for direct debits specifically requested by me.
  4. All notices must be in writing, but can be delivered electronically, if I have agreed that with the Initiator.
  5. I can also ask you to reverse a direct debit up to 120 days after the direct debit if:
    • I didn’t receive proper notice of the amount and date of the direct debit, or
    • I received notice but the amount or date of the direct debit is different from the amount or date on the notice.
  6. If you dishonour a direct debit but the Initiator retries it within 5 business days of the original direct debit, I understand that the Initiator doesn’t need to notify me again about that direct debit.

NZ Fuel Cards Direct Debit Terms 2023

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I first met with NZ Fuel Cards in 2006.  They listened to me, thought about us as a customer, and we were immediately on the same page. 14 years later and around 20 plus vehicles across the South Island,  I could not be happier. Good honest professional advice with great reporting, what more could a business owner wish for.”

Paul Brockie

Managing DirectorAbsolute Energy Ltd

Thank you so much Lisa and Chantel for your assistance but more importantly your communication which was nothing less than outstanding. NZ fuel cards should be very proud of you; especially with your efficiency and making the customer feel relaxed, very well informed with awesome communication. Thank you again.”

Max Vertongen

Managing DirectorUnique Realty, Palmerston North

I want to say your company is amazing. Your service is top notch. I have been a satisfied client of yours since Nov 2022. Very professional to deal with the whole time.”

Trevor Young

Courier, DHL, Auckland Airport

Flying Kiwi has been a client of NZ Fuel Cards for the past several years, over this time with their assistance we have been able to save tens of thousands of dollars in our operation through the ability to access volume discounts.”

Dennis Christian

Managing DirectorFlying Kiwi Adventures (Adventure Travel Operator), Nelson

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