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Fuel Card Reporting Options for NZ Fuel Cards

At NZ Fuel Cards we understand the importance of transparency and insight into your fuel card usage. Our reporting tools provide you with valuable data to optimise your operations and make informed decisions. Explore the various reporting options available at NZ Fuel Cards.

Invoice Options

Efficiently manage your fuel expenses with one of our invoice options designed to streamline your billing process.

Standard Invoice

Receive detailed invoices summarising your fuel card transactions.

Cost Centre Invoice

Organise your expenses by cost centres for simplified accounting and budgeting.

Page per Rego/Driver

Allocate expenses per vehicle or driver for enhanced tracking and accountability.

Fuel Usage Stats

Gain insights into your fuel consumption patterns and identify areas for efficiency improvements.

Excel Files

Receive Excel files along with your invoice for easy integration and analysis.

  • Display Driver Names
  • Card List Report


Stay ahead of potential issues with our proactive eAlert system, designed to notify you of important events and anomalies.

Exceed 80% Card Limit

Receive alerts when a card’s usage exceeds 80% of its limit to prevent unexpected declines.

Exceed Monthly Card Limit

Get notified if a card exceeds its monthly spending limit, allowing you to manage budgets effectively.

Multiple Daily Transactions

Monitor excessive transactions on a card within a single day, helping to detect unauthorised usage.

After Hour Use

Be alerted to any card activity outside of designated hours indicating possible misuse or theft.

Transaction Not at a BP Truck stop

Identify reduced savings by receiving notifications for diesel transactions not made at BP Truck Stops with your BP Fuel Cards.

Transaction Not at a Z or Caltex Truck stop

Identify reduced savings by receiving notifications for diesel transactions not made at Z or Caltex Truckstops with your Z Fuel Cards.

Multiple Fuel Types

Identify transactions involving multiple fuel types on a fuel card, ensuring compliance with usage policies.

Non-Fuel Transactions

Detect and manage non-fuel purchases made with fuel cards to control expenses effectively.

Exceed 80% of Fuel Account Credit Limit

Receive alerts when your fuel account balance exceeds 80% of its credit limit.

Exceed 100% of Fuel Account Credit Limit

Get notified if your fuel account balance surpasses its credit limit.

Recurring Reports

Stay on top of your fuel card usage with our recurring reports designed to provide you with timely insights.

Weekly Transactions

Receive a summary of your weekly fuel card transactions for easy tracking and monitoring.

Daily Transactions

Stay informed about your daily fuel card usage with detailed transaction reports.

Annual Spend per Card - Transaction Date

Track annual spending per card based on transaction dates to manage budgets effectively.

Annual Spend per Card - Invoice Date

Monitor annual spending per card based on invoice dates for accurate financial reporting.

Fleet Report

Gain comprehensive insights into your fleet’s fuel consumption and expenses for better fleet management.

Fuel Usage

Analyse fuel usage patterns to optimise efficiency and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

Pricing Notifications

Stay informed about national pricing changes and fuel cost fluctuations so you determine the best fuel card supplier for your business.

eRoad Integration

If you are you an eRoad customer, you can streamline the inclusion of your fuel expenditure through our integrated solution. Fuel transactions are provided to eRoad on a daily basis ensuring up-to-date fuel usage tracking.

Excise Tax Refund Assistance

Simplify your excise tax refund process with our automated reports. We will send your fuel transactions automatically directly to your nominated refund agent on your behalf. Let us handle the paperwork so that you receive your refund in a timely fashion.

Your Fuel Account Reporting Solution

With NZ Fuel Cards’ comprehensive reporting options, you can streamline your fuel management processes, and make data-driven decisions to drive efficiency and cost savings across your operations. Contact our knowledgeable Customer Services team today to learn more about how you can add our reporting solutions to your fuel account.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I first met with NZ Fuel Cards in 2006.  They listened to me, thought about us as a customer, and we were immediately on the same page. 14 years later and around 20 plus vehicles across the South Island,  I could not be happier. Good honest professional advice with great reporting, what more could a business owner wish for.”

Paul Brockie

Managing DirectorAbsolute Energy Ltd

Thank you so much Lisa and Chantel for your assistance but more importantly your communication which was nothing less than outstanding. NZ fuel cards should be very proud of you; especially with your efficiency and making the customer feel relaxed, very well informed with awesome communication. Thank you again.”

Max Vertongen

Managing DirectorUnique Realty, Palmerston North

I want to say your company is amazing. Your service is top notch. I have been a satisfied client of yours since Nov 2022. Very professional to deal with the whole time.”

Trevor Young

Courier, DHL, Auckland Airport

Flying Kiwi has been a client of NZ Fuel Cards for the past several years, over this time with their assistance we have been able to save tens of thousands of dollars in our operation through the ability to access volume discounts.”

Dennis Christian

Managing DirectorFlying Kiwi Adventures (Adventure Travel Operator), Nelson

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