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EROAD – Fuel Management Solution

Fuel is one of the largest expenses for transport operators. Improved fuel efficiency across your fleet accumulated over time will generate huge savings for your business. NZ Fuel Cards is an Integration Partner with EROAD, a business which provides fuel management solutions for vehicle fleets.

EROAD’s telematics solution has an intuitive and powerful fuel management module, that helps you manage your fuel use by combining fuel records with vehicle distance and location information generated by the EROAD vehicle hardware.

Fuel data generated from your NZ Fuel Cards’ BP, Mobil or Z Business card is automatically imported daily from NZ Fuel Cards and can be managed in EROAD’s Depot. The EROAD fuel reporting suite helps you understand fuel consumption across your fleet, and identify exceptions and underperforming vehicles or drivers.

Gaining better visibility over fuel consumption enables you to address specific issues and monitor progress over time. Learn more about EROAD’s Fuel Management module here:

If you sign up as an EROAD customer, and are also an NZ Fuel Cards customer, we will provide the fuel purchasing data EROAD requires to access their fuel management solution.

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