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NZ Fuel Cards eAlerts – what are they?

eAlerts are an email reporting system built into NZ Fuel Cards’ billing system, which when activated on your account can help you keep track of how your fuel cards are being used.

You can receive automated eAlerts when:

  • Your staff spend over 80% of their monthly card limit
  • multiple transactions are made in one day
  • transactions are made outside normal business hours (eg. 8pm to 5am)
  • multiple fuel types are purchased

eAlerts can be particularly useful when managing a large fleet of vehicles.

Case Study

A customer had a fleet of 15 vehicles.  The vehicles were only used by staff during business hours.  An employee had removed a fuel card from a vehicle and was filling up their personal vehicle at an unmanned fuel site late at night.  The eAlert informed the customer that a fuel card was being used outside normal business hours.  The client rang NZ Fuel Cards and had the card suspended and investigated the transaction.

Activating eAlerts

Email [email protected] or call 0800 111 391 and let us know which eAlerts you would like activated on your account.  It’s that easy!

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